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      The word Veraj, which has its origin from Sanskrit, means “pure and clean”. As the name suggests, Veraj offers a variety of organic home essentials made completely from clean, natural, and all-organic cotton fibers which are 100% non-toxic and chemical free. Founded in 2018, Veraj’s mission is to help consumers reach higher standards of living, and to raise the bar on clean home products through uniquely made organic bedding and bath products

      Veraj is built around the goal of providing healthy, natural, and pure living essentials to consumers. Woven with care, our products are soft to the touch, stylish in aesthetic, and thoughtfully designed.

      “We want to raise standards in the home linen industry to new heights by giving consumers the best quality pure organic cotton.”


      Mission & Vision

      Veraj is focused on creating an array of 100% organic cotton home living products which are accessible to all, making organic living an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle.

      The vision of Veraj is to create a happier and healthier world by bringing a definitive ecological change in society, through the use of 100% organic material in home living.