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      Laundry Care for Organic Towels

      • Wash towels in cold water
      • Tumble dry on low or medium heat
      • Avoid contact of skincare products as they can fade or spot the towels


      Laundry Care for Organic Cotton Sheets

      • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle with like colors
      • Tumble dry on low and remove promptly
      • Use a warm iron when needed
      • Do not bleach


      Laundry Care for Organic Pillows

      • Wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Do not wash Frequently but when needed.
      • Tumble dry on low—it may require 2-3 cycles
      • Do not iron or steam


       Laundry Care for Organic Blankets

      • Wash blankets in cold water on gentle cycle
      • Tumble dry on medium heat


      Laundry Care for Organic Throw Blankets 

      • Wash throws in cold water
      • Tumble dry low to remove dampness
      • Lay flat to air dry
      • To maintain softness of the fibers, place back in the dryer for a few minutes after air drying


      Organic Laundry Tips

      • For the best results choose a liquid detergent / mild or organic detergent
      • Wash sheets and towels separately to avoid lint
      • To maintain the quality of the fibers, don't use fabric softeners
      • To minimize wrinkles, shake linens between washing and drying
      • Avoid bleach and bleach alternatives to avoid discoloration