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      Veraj started in the fall of 2018, as a result of the founder’s deep interest in organic living and his conscious decision to take steps to improve quality of life both at the consumer and the ecological level. “Healthy, Natural, and Pure” is the motto we live by, and that is what is reflected in our products and practices.


      What goes into our bed sheets & towels, you ask?

      Our cotton is grown on the farms of India, sorted and spun by hundreds of weavers who labor through the season to grow cotton-pods that are the best quality on the globe. India is one of the largest producers of organic cotton in the world. Further, we engage in fair trade practices with producers who are ethically sourcing cotton in ways that are best for consumers and for the planet.


      We believe in Weaving With Care

      We are inspired to deliver products that are skin-friendly, soft, and elegant; products that you would love to use forever.